A dreadful Fairy Book book cover, Shade the Fairy standing with hands on hips, white background, yellow writing

A Dreadful Fairy Book

By Quentin Q. Quacksworth, with Jon Etter

Release Date: 11/6/2018

ISBN: 9781948705141 | eBook ISBN: 9781948705271

Readers, Beware: What you hold in your hands is a dreadful fairy book.

Whatever expectations you have of delightful and whimsical fairies are sure to be disappointed. There are certainly fairies, but most are not proper fairies. Our heroine is, perhaps, the worst offender.

Shade the sprite is truly dreadful at being a proper fairy—she’d rather re-read her favorite stories than do what fairies should. She is on a most unfortunate quest, with exceedingly questionable companions, to find a place her outré self can call home. A place of companionship, comfort, and, most importantly, a positive plethora of books.

When fantastic ruffians, swindlers, and a pack of ruthless unseelie hunters threaten to halt her at every turn, can Shade survive the dreadful journey and find a destination she can truly call home?

For more of Shade’s dreadful adventures, look for Another Dreadful Fairy Book at your local bookstore or library (magical or otherwise).

Winner of the 2019 Eric Hoffer Award, Middle Reader Category

Winner of the 2019 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award

Winner of the 2019 Eric Hoffer Award, Middle Reader Category
Winner of the 2019 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award
This chubby brown protagonist full of flaws and wit and heart is quite welcome. For bibliophiles (and bibliothecaphiles) and all those who step expectantly into mushroom rings.
— Kirkus Reviews

About Jon Etter

The author of such dreadful tales as A Dreadful Fairy Book and Another Dreadful Fairy Book, Mr. Jon Etter grew up in his local library in Forrest, Illinois (population 1,200 and some dogs) and eventually migrated north to Wisconsin, where he has taught high school English for the past twenty years.

A Dreadful Fairy Book is his first novel for kids and he’s loved every minute of working on it that wasn’t spent with Quentin Q. Quacksworth, whom Jon describes as “the opposite of fun,” although he does enjoy how annoyed Quacksworth gets when referred to as “Triple Q” or “Q Cubed.”


About Quentin Q. Quacksworth, Esq.

In his storied 43-year career as a professional narrator, Quentin Q. Quacksworth’s greatest regret is his involvement with Those Dreadful Fairy Books, which he urges parents, teachers, and librarians to keep out of the hands of children.