About Amberjack Publishing

Amberjack Publishing’s promise is the joy of discovery and the celebration of flawed characters who help readers connect to humanity. Our authors believe in a world which can be more thoughtful, more humane, and more beautiful. We respect the faith that each reader commits to trusting us to share individual stories that are vital, empathetic, and transformational.

Amberjack Publishing is a publishing company based in Idaho with a strong vision and passion for books. We have officially been telling stories since 2014, but we were born storytellers. We are committed to sharing the literature of the individual that dares to stand alone, one who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo, to be different—to be more, not less. We want to help writers tell these stories and to help readers discover them.


Cherrita Lee, Managing Editor
Cherrita Lee was hired at Amberjack Publishing in 2014. She is what you might call an "avid indoorswoman" and can be found reading anything from ancient Greek literature to manga. Delighting in indulging her nerdy side, she is a huge fangirl of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, anime, Sherlock, Supernatural, and all things British and Korean . . . and the Oxford comma.

Jana Good, Marketing and Publicity Manager
Jana Good returns to Amberjack Publishing after leaving her position as Senior Editor with Amberjack in 2016. As a former journalist, she has written for numerous publications primarily about lifestyle and travel. She served as Editorial Manager for Elevate Publishing, Editor of Boise Lifestyle Magazine, and is a former television producer. She has worked as a literary editor on genres including literary fiction, mysteries, non-fiction, Christian books, memoirs, children’s literature, and business books and she loves helping authors make their dream of publishing a book come true. In her spare time, she likes to feed people, grow herbs, travel, take photos of pretty things, and explore new trails.