5 Books for the Valentine's Day Haters

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For some happy couples, Valentine's Day is the ultimate day to celebrate love and romance.  For others, it's really just an excuse to consume an absurd amount of chocolate, candy, and alcohol.

For those of you who are single (and maybe a little bit bitter) this Valentine's day, we've come up with five books that will make you grateful that you aren't currently dabbling in a dangerous love game. These reads are best enjoyed with an entire box of chocolates and a bottle (or two) of wine.


  1. The Go-Between - L.P. Hartley Young love ends badly. Very badly.

    go between

  2. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn A seemingly perfect couple turns out to be all kinds of crazy.


  3. Romeo & Juliet - William Shakespeare Forbidden love, naive teenagers, and suicide. Need we say more?

    romeo and juliet

  4. The Ballad of the Sad Cafe - Carson McCuller A ridiculous love triangle that works out just fine. Just kidding. When do those ever work out?


  5. Bridget Jones' Diary - Helen Fielding Last but not least, this one will make you forget that you ever wanted a relationship, while making you laugh out loud.

    bridget jones



Happy reading!