Dr. Ribero's Agency of the Supernatural: The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost: AVAILABLE NOW!

The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost, the first in the delightful new series, Dr. Ribero's Agency of the Supernatural is now available! Get your hands on this title quickly because soon all of your friends will be talking about it! Lucy Banks debut novel invites you into the paranormal world with a new team of ghost hunters that will quickly feel like family. The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost has captivated minds of all ages, from all over the world and has received a tremendous amount of glowing reviews.


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Kester Lanner didn’t know what he was getting into when he followed his mother’s dying request to contact the mysterious Dr. Ribero. Kester's youthful surety of the world is shaken as he learns the secrets his mother took great care to keep. Meeting Dr. Ribero reveals a side of his mother he never even guessed existed, for Ribero is his long lost father, and soon Kester is thrown headlong into the family business: catching supernatural spirits.


A logically-minded academic type, Kester is frightened by the sudden plunge into an unknown and dangerous world. He's intrigued, despite his fears, as he reads an old diary that tells the chilling tale of the portrait of a beautiful woman, which is the home of an old and malevolent spirit. She’s a cunning spirit, and she just might be more than Dr. Ribero’s agency can handle. Kester soon becomes enmeshed in a struggle with a ghost so powerful and haunting, that his first real case with the family business might just be his last.

  Dr. Ribero's Agency of the Supernatural: The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost is a contemporary twist on the Victorian Gothic novel, with a dash of humour to lighten the eerie, sinister tone of this modern day ghost story.  


Praise for Dr. Ribero's Agency of the Supernatural: The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost!


"Banks’s debut marks the start of a promising urban fantasy series, something like Ghostbusters with a British accent. ...Contemporary fantasy fans hungry for a new angle will enjoy this one."

-Publisher's Weekly


"As with many debut series, this worthwhile launch has a lot of ground to cover in introducing this paranormal agency and its investigators, but readers will forgive its initial slow pace and eagerly anticipate the second volume. VERDICT Recommended for readers interested in modern-day ghost stories or edgier cozy mysteries."

-SLJ Review


"This was one of the best books I've read this year. I loved the characters (even if they were slow to form), the plot, the pacing, the tea... It was brilliant." - Ellana


"I enjoy a good ghost story now and then and this book certainly was that but with a more relaxed attitude. The quirky but relatable character made me feel like a member of the team and the writing style flowed nicely throughout the book. I would suggest to friends that they give this book a go and if this continues as a series will probably continue to read them."



"I couldn't put it down till I finished. Absolutely terrific!"



"I love it when I discover a new author who writes great books and leaves me waiting for their next one. Lucy Banks has done just that; I can't wait for the second installment. I didn't know what to expect with The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost. It wasn't the normal ghost story that I've read in the past and that's what appealed to me."



"Brilliant first novel." 



"Fantastic read, I'm hoping there will be more in the Dr Ribero series!"

-Vici, The Book Guzzler


"Preparing the reader for a series, we get to know all the crazy characters and their quirks. Can't wait to see what the next mystery will be and get back to the agency."



"I absolutely LOVE this book! I began reading it and was immediately hooked with the beautifully detailed descriptions then as I delved deeper and met the characters I fell in love. The dialogue between them is fantastic and I actually felt I was watching one of those British comedy/drama shows rather than reading a book. It would be wonderful if this was turned into a serialized show or movie someday because it's ripe for further stories. Banks is a wonderful author who did a fantastic job taking a ghost story and making it uniquely her own. ... I just finished and already want to read it again."



"An outstanding paranormal that caught my attention on the first page. I found myself unable to put it down until I finished. All I could say is WOW! It has everything you could want in a story. There is a mystery, quirky characters, myths, and action."




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