7 Things to Keep in Mind when Submitting to a Publisher


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We’re pretty laid back at Amberjack Publishing. We love our authors, we love to read new manuscripts, and we love getting to know new writers. The submission process varies greatly from publisher to publisher. Some publishing companies do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and require you to submit through a literary agent. At Amberjack Publishing, we want to be more accessible to struggling writers and help them showcase their brilliant stories to the literary world. While we do have an open submissions policy currently in place, there are some things a writer can do to improve their chances of becoming published.


  • Follow submissions guidelines. If a publisher wants the first chapter or X pages of your manuscript, send them what they request. If there are mitigating circumstances, such as a long intro or prologue, you can note that in your query letter when you submit. Do not send in a book broken into multiple files, in a strange font, or with nonstandard spacing/font sizes. Publishers may be generous and fix your file, but refusal to follow basic submission guidelines does not reflect well on an author.
  • Include a query letter. Even though it’s not necessarily a deal breaker, a query letter lets you pitch your book a little more thoroughly than the excerpt alone. You can compare your book to other works; outline the plot or your plans for sequels; or even talk about yourself and your circumstances, and really try to sell a publisher on your book.
  • Be patient. If a publisher says it’ll be 6-8 weeks until you hear back from them, don’t email exactly 6 weeks after you submit. Submissions are a flexible process; sometimes publishers get an influx of books or longer books, and the timeline shifts, so don’t view the expected turnaround time to be set in stone.
  • If you do send a follow up email, be polite. Publishers are on the lookout for the next big book, but nobody wants to work with a rude author.
  • Amberjack Publishing understands that authors submit to many publishers at the same time. If you receive an offer from another publisher, please do send an email to alert us. We may move your manuscript up in our queue and consider making a competing offer.
  • If you change your mind about submitting or otherwise want to withdraw your manuscript from consideration, email us and let us know. There’s no point in us reviewing your manuscript if you’ve changed your mind.
  • You are free to continue editing your work after you’ve submitted, but it’s unwise to make major story changes to your manuscript while it’s being reviewed. We will always consider the story you sent in, and news that you’ve substantially changed the story may make us wonder how serious you are about the story you’ve written.
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