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Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver - FIRST LOOK

Tommy’s mom yells too much; Georgina’s dad picks his nose in public; Ken’s parents force him to play the piano and practice all the time. Dewey had promised poor Georgina he’d pick her case first. “Get it, Clara?! I’m picking her case first!” Dewey amused himself, but he had to admit, having a public nose picker for a father pretty much nosed ahead of other people’s problems.

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He thought about the girl again. The dark red color of her hair reminded him of the flaming sun at the very second it dropped out of sight. Such an odd color, really. And the mass of hair on her head. So silly and useless. What would it feel like to have that growth sprouting from your head? Hot, undoubtedly. What would it feel like to touch it? To run your fingers through it? He knew there were differences in the quality of hair, from coarse and thick, like rubbing sand between the palms of your hands, to smooth and slippery, like the inside of the juicy cactus plant. But which would hers feel like? He couldn’t tell from the looks of it. He could never tell. He would never know.

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