Amberjack Books for Everyone in your Life

Looking for a stocking stuffer, or the perfect gift for that particular person in your life? Amberjack has you covered! We've got books of every genre and for every age. Check them out!


Children and Early Reader




For the Science-Wiz Kid - Eddie the Electron

  For the little child in your life who you already know will grow up to be a scientist. A must read for young STEM learners! Eddie teaches kids the simplicity of science and electrons and brings to life the relationship of atoms with the world.






For the Future Marine Biologist - Morgan Otter Saves the Sea Turtles

  For that early reader who loves animal books. Children (and adults) learn cool facts about sea turtles and see the difference a person can make in the survival of a species, regardless of age.



Stand Up and Whistle by Phyllis J. Perry


For the Young Animal Activist - Stand Up and Whistle

  For the young animal lover and activist in your life. This book invites young readers into a compelling story of conservation and rescue while teaching kids how they can effectively make a difference in their community and local government. It’s one of our favorite recommendations for engaging young citizens.




Young Adult


Fire, by Belle Manuel


For the Fantasy Loving Teen - Fire: The Elemental Series

  For the teenager in your life who loves action and fantasy. Viewers of Avatar: The Last Airbender and X-Men will appreciate Belle Manuel’s spin on elemental magic in an alternative modern world. Fire is the first in The Elemental Series that will leave the reader looking forward to the second book.



preview-full-Lucky Me - low res cover


For the Fashionista - Lucky Me

  For the fashionista in your life, Lucky Me has everything to entertain a reader. Mystery, wit, romance, chocolate and shoes pour out of the book and will leave the reader entertained for days. Fans of Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality will love this modern tale of a young girl finding her place and discovering the giant mystery surrounding her father and his fortune.




The French Impressionist


For the Quiet, Traveling Teen - The French Impressionist

  For the shy girl in your life. This story inspires travel and the joy of finding your voice. Readers follow Rosemary halfway around the world and feel her angst as fears drive her decisions, lies pile up, mysteries are solved, and reconciliation and healing finally win out.






Mammoth by Douglas Perry


For the Detective - Mammoth

  For the person in your life who loves trying to put together clues to solve a mystery. This is a book for the Sherlock Holmes lovers, H.G. Wells fans, and those captivated by The Girl on the Train.





For the Lover of the Written Word - Fever Tree

  Written by poet turned novelist, Tim Applegate, Fever Tree will be appreciated by the artist in your life. This story takes mix-ups to new levels with elements of dark irony, subtle humor, and romanticized flashbacks.






For the Gossip Lover - On Cedar Hill

  For that friend of yours who can’t help but peek behind the curtains and open all the cupboards. Readers will love this eccentric novel with all of its gossip and drama in a high-society, gated community.









For the Paranormal Investigator - Sirens in the Night

  Have a friend who loves cop stories AND ancient history? Sirens in the Night is the best of both. Combining the supernatural world with police detective work, fans of Supernatural, Grimm, and Lost Girl will enjoy how this story unfolds.







For the Aspiring Vampire Hunter - In Her Blood

  For the friend who cannot (rightly so) leave Buffy in the 90’s. In Her Blood takes an adult turn on vampire hunters. Fans will love Janice Jones’s twist on Vampire lore. Followers of Blade will love Alex Stone.






The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse


For the Horse Lover - The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse

  For those who love a good underdog story and horses. Fans of Seabiscuit, The Horse Whisperer, and The Eighty-Dollar Champion, as well as dressage and western riders, will all appreciate this story of a bond built between a girl and her horse and the healing they find in trusting one another.





And keep an eye out for these upcoming titles early 2017!


The Girl from Old Nichol


For the Victorian Dramatist - The Girl From Old Nichol

  For the person who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and loves the ‘old days’, get them this dramatic story of struggle and survival set in the Victorian Age. Fans of CW’s Reign, Downtown Abbey, and Gaskell’s North and South might enjoy following Gladys as she works her way up the social ladder.

  Released January 3rd, 2017.






For the Daredevil-Bluff

For the daredevil in your life who likes to live on the edge. Bluff will engage young readers who can’t resist the adrenaline of a big risk.   Released February 7th, 2017.





Lala Pettibone's Act Two


For the Hot Mess Who Loves to Have a Good Time -Lala Pettibone’s Act Two

For the young-at-heart, forty-something woman in your life. Lala Pettibone rivals Bridget Jones as she seeks a second chance at love, a career, and life in a new city.


Released February 21st, 2017