Author Q&A: Janice Jones - By Blood Sworn

As the Dagger, Alex Stone hunted down supernatural threats on covert ops team, Night Command. After the capture of a particularly bad-ass vampire, Tristan Ambrose, Alex gets out of the game. In the years following her departure, Alex started a hot new clothing line and moved on with her life. She was happy pretending the supernatural didn’t exist, but, with Tristan’s escape, she’s pulled back into the game.  
Alex is hired to continue guarding the very tempting body of Jason Stavros—up-and-coming vampire politico—alongside her new team, The Trackers. Stavros is scheduled to head to an international conference of the supernatural community in Bucharest, and Alex and her new team must keep him safe while investigating new threats, and ghosts from the past.  
When the conference is interrupted by betrayal and sabotage, Alex must pull her weakened team together to bring the saboteurs to justice—and get some well-deserved revenge.  

Suddenly, she’s not just back in the game, she’s all in.   By Blood Sworn is the thrilling, psychological, and sexy sequel to In Her Blood, the first book in The Dagger Chronicles series by Janice Jones.

Look no further for your next Supernatural read! By Blood Sworn is the second in a tantalizing, vampire series, The Dagger ChroniclesFans of In Her Blood will be thrilled to see what is in store for Alex and The Trackers as the mystery and suspense continue to unfold. Author Janice Jones opens up about her inspiration, favorite characters, and explores Alex Stone's world just a bit more in our exclusive interview with her.


AJ: When and how did your love of vampires start?

JJ: The mythology was intriguing to me at a very young age. To live forever sounded kind of fun, so I always thought about what that would be like. But, I really began to think I could write vampire stories when I was a freshman in college. My first Psych paper was called “Vampires in Popular Culture”. That was my first introduction to Anne Rice and The Vampire Chronicles. I was pretty much hooked after that.


AJ: What has been your inspiration in developing and writing The Dagger Chronicles?

JJ: Buffy had ended and I had just finished reading The Vampire Huntress series by the late L.A. Banks. I started to think about what these two teenagers would be like as adults. It was hard to find a series led by a female who wasn’t defined by her male counterpart or in high school, so I decided that Alex Stone would be an ode to all the strong women in my life. I wanted her to also be a woman of color. There are very few females of color in the vampire world, so it just made sense to see what I could do with this character. Her agency doesn’t depend on the men in the story. She makes her own rules and you either get on board or get out of the way.


AJ: We’re so excited about the continuation of Alex Stone’s story in By Blood Sworn. What are you most excited for fans to discover to in this second installment?

JJ: There are a lot of things going on simultaneously in the first book. Fans will finally get some of their questions answered and see some new things come to light. Alex’s relationship with the team has changed and so has she, in a way. And, of course we see what Tristan’s been up to and what he plans to do in the future. Because it’s a series, I have a few more surprises in store for the team and the readers.


AJ: Who has been your favorite character to explore?

JJ: I think Tristan is the character that has developed the most. When we first meet him, he’s literally someone else. I thought that was a cool way to introduce a character. And, from the feedback, it turned out to be a pretty interesting way to introduce the main bad guy. He’s probably the most honest of all the characters. When I write scenes with him, he just says what he feels. He doesn’t hold back. Nothing he does is for shock value. He speaks from his heart and he delivers on his promises. Someone once told me they like him because he’s probably the only character just doing what he has to. Everyone else in Alex’s world is betraying someone or manipulating someone else. He’s just straight about what he wants and what he’ll do to get it.


AJ: You have shared how the characters in The Dagger Chronicles represent the elite of the supernatural community. Can you tell us some more about these elite and how the society of the supernatural works in the world that you’ve built?

JJ: In this world, vampires have reached levels of wealth and power that none of the other groups have. Because they are immortal and are human in appearance, they can move through the world like we do. Along with the Witch covens, vampires mixed into society via a plan agreed to among the whole vampire community. They kept their political structures, wealth, and businesses after the covenant was signed. In return, they helped the human government with technologies and medicines, for a price. Tristan believes Conner and the Council sold out, so he broke off from the whole and tried to return humans to the food chain. He also had a backdoor deal with the human government (spoiler!) that gets out of hand. That’s when the super soldiers are sent in to bring him down before he spills the beans. Before the end of the series, we’ll see Alex face her own fears, learn something she didn’t know about herself, and make a decision that will affect everyone involved.

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