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Chelsea is your average seventeen-year-old, but she's hiding a hard truth: she and her father are broke. Convinced she must do something quickly, she sneaks into a casino and wins a game of poker. An addiction quickly forms which threatens to expose a complicated web of lies to everyone she knows.



Praise for Bluff


"... A sly, insightful close-up of risk-taking’s seductive, addictive appeal."

-Kirkus Review


"VERDICT The engaging style, fast pace, and unusual settings make this a solid choice to recommend to reluctant readers."

-Ann Foster, Saskatoon Public Library (SLJ)


"Debut author Dill paints a visceral portrait of the way financial pressures take a toll on a family, particularly on teenagers who don’t necessarily feel as though they can anything about it. Chelsea’s tender if fraught relationship with her father, given extra depth through flashbacks, and the electric thrill she gets as money starts coming in, will make it easy for readers to understand why she embarks on such a risky path. Ages 13–up."

-Publisher's Weekly


"Bluff by Julie Dill was one hell of an original, realistic story. The prose was fast-paced, insightful and the protagonist had me on high alert from page one. ...I love it when such strong female characters are written and I thank Julie Dill for developing Chelsea’s character so well." 

-Veracious Reads (Goodreads)


"I absolutely loved reading this book! I read it in a few hours because I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I was immediately drawn to the story because I love playing poker myself. Thankfully, I don't play for the same reasons as our heroine. With her circumstances at home, she is there trying to make ends meet. It's heartbreaking because it unfortunately is true for many people with a gambling addiction. I knew while reading the story that things were probably going to get ugly, but I couldn't pull away from finding out. I literally found my heart pounding when she found herself in those inevitable situations. The author is a great storyteller and is quite adept at keeping the reader engaged, cringing one moment then laughing a few seconds later. Once I realized that there were only a few pages left, I thought "Oh no!", it's almost over and I have so many questions I need answered. I think we deserve a sequel!" 

-Jason (Goodreads)


"I loved this book. It for sure is one of my favorite books. I felt so bad for Chelsea. This is one of the only books where I have cried. I am going to recommend this book to so many of my friends. I am so happy that I read this book." 

-La Jolla Middle Grade Reviewer (NetGalley)


"This book was amazing I devoured it in one afternoon!!" 

-Rose Thorn (Netgalley)



To learn more about Bluff, read our exclusive excerpt and check out our interview with author Julie Dill about her intentions with creating Chelsea's story.


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