Coming Soon: The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate - 5/16/17

Get excited about our upcoming new middle-grade adventure book, The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate! This is a series that readers of all ages will adore and keep coming back to! Eric Bower is a master of humor who has combined his love of westerns and adventure stories into a steampunky adventure book. Follow Waldo Baron and his family as they race around the world to win a scavenger hunt! Meet quirky characters, be amazed by clever inventions, and let the Baron's flying estate take you on a journey you'll never forget!


  About the Book:   Our story begins, as many stories do, with a talking squirrel dream . . .   The year is 1891, and Waldo “W.B.” Baron has just woken up to find his house flying—no, wait, floating?—floating a thousand feet above the ground. His inventor parents have transformed their house into a flying machine, which they’ve entered into a race around the country. Unfortunately for W.B. (who knows less about science than the average tapeworm), that means missing a show staring the hero of his favorite adventure novels, Sheriff Graham.   The incomparably klutzy W.B. gets his own taste of the Wild West when his family’s flying house is hijacked by Rose Blackwood, the sister of Sheriff Graham’s greatest nemesis, the vilest villain, the cruelest criminal, Benedict Blackwood. Rose forces the Barons to continue the race, so that she can steal the prize money and break her brother out of jail.   With the help of an unusually tiny friend and aided by a baffling interpretation of simple scientific concepts, W.B. is finally given the chance to be the hero, instead of the kid who reads about the hero while eating too much pie.  


About the Author:   Eric Bower and his lovely wife, Laura, live in utter terror of their cat, who rules their small cottage in Pasadena, California with an iron paw. Eric can’t quite recall when the cat took over the house, or what life was like before he became a slave to the “Furry Empress,” but he imagines he used to spend some time working as a playwright. His plays have been produced in Southern California and New York City, and have been described as “quirky and fun,” and “containing a disappointingly small number of strong feline characters.” His hobbies include reading, cleaning kitty litter from the soles of his shoes, painting, brushing cat hair from his sweaters, playing guitar, and desperately trying to escape. If you see him, please say hello, and please send help. All hail the Furry Empress.



You can pre-order The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and any of your local bookstores!