Coming Soon: Second Acts - 9/26/2017

We are so excited to announce the upcoming release of our newest Women's Fiction, Second Acts! In this new book, debut author, Teri Emory, is the master of weaving together the lives of three lifelong friends, Sarah, Miriam, and Beth, as they face the challenges that we can all relate to. Readers will feel like they've stepped into the memories of old friend as they experience the heartache, loss, and renewal alongside the characters Teri has flawlessly created. Follow these women as they bridge the physical distances to maintain their unbreakable bond and find inspiration in friendship.

From the streets of Manhattan to the suburbs of Florida, from Savannah, Georgia, to Rome, Italy, the interwoven tales of three lives unfold in the voices of Sarah, Miriam, and Beth. Their unshakable friendship takes root in a college dorm in the late nineteen-sixties. Fueled by the optimism and bravado of that era, they charge into adulthood with lofty ideals and high expectations.   They were, as Beth would later observe, “the first generation of women who felt entitled to interesting lives.” They remain friends for decades—trading secrets, sharing joys, and shepherding each other through loss and heartache. Little by little, they come to terms with a disconcerting postscript to the Age of Aquarius: Life—inevitably, unsparingly, repeatedly—demands compromise.


In the year leading up to 9/11, the three women, now middle aged, are tested by unwelcome drama at home, unforeseen challenges at work, and unresolved conflicts about decisions made long ago. Sustained by their abiding friendship, Sarah, Miriam and Beth confront hard truths about themselves and the choices they have made. They must let go of past regrets and make peace with present circumstances as they begin the second acts of their lives.


Second Acts is a story of love, loss, and renewal, and a testament to the enduring power of female friendship.

Teri Emory is living proof that a liberal arts education (French literature? Psycholinguistics? Really?) does not necessarily lead to rack and ruin. As evidence: She has taught writing and literature at the University of North Florida, Hunter College, Yeshiva University, Fordham University, and a few other places she’d just as soon forget.  She lived in Rome, Italy, and taught English to Soviet immigrants awaiting relocation to the U. S. Back home, she survived an extended, harrowing tour of duty as a writer in diverse and treacherous corporate venues. Her articles and poems have appeared in print and online publications, and she has edited essays and book-length manuscripts on absurdly esoteric topics.  
Teri grew up in and around New York City and is proud to have been educated entirely in public schools, from kindergarten at P.S. 77 through graduate school at Cal Berkeley. She has lived in several cities, some more fun than others, and has traveled widely. A devoted mother and besotted grandmother, she now resides in Las Vegas, NV, married to a man whom she re-met, after almost forty years, at her high school reunion.

Published September 26th, 2017. Preorder now on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or through any of your local bookstores!