Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver - AVAILABLE NOW!

Hooray! Dewey Fairchild is open for business and he's ready to start solving his friend's parent problems! Get your hands on a copy of this excellent new book that will remind your kids that parents are people too all while entertaining them with relatable bouts of embarrassment. This is a book you will definitely want for your child's bookshelf!


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Dewey Fairchild isn’t just good with parents, he’s great with them. He’s so good at handling parents that he’s built a thriving business out of it. He even has a secretary, Clara—a great alibi and an even better baker. Dewey settles the most troublesome of cases, from an overprotective mom who won’t let her child go to class on her own, to a dad who can’t stop picking his nose any chance he gets!


Dewey has no problem handling other people’s parents, but when he overhears his parents talking one day, he faces a challenge he never expected.  Dewey can solve any problem parents may cause, but what will he do when the parents who are causing problems are his own?

Praise for Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver!


"...Dewey tackles parental challenges ranging from spying on the aforementioned nose picker (and seeing things no child should ever see, yuck) to derailing out-of-control cases of germophobia and addiction to practical jokes. His string of triumphs will have readers cheering him on, rolling in the aisles, and wishing they could line up for consultations. After all, as Horn puts it in this winning debut, “where you found kids, you always found parents who needed some assistance to be, shall we say, their best selves.” Amen to that." 

- Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review


"What I loved about the book: characters that were real and that I would want my child and friends to emulate; very well-written with strong vocabulary and dialogue; and a message that talking to your parents is a great choice and can go really well."



"Lorri Horn offers up a light read that will appeal to 3rd-6th graders of both genders. Dewey is a likable young man who has found a penchant for solving parent problems and has picked up several interesting sidekicks with classmate Seraphina and former babysitter Clara. Oh, and Wolfie the dog who looks more like a panda. All in all, I enjoyed this book and think that my library patrons will, too. Readers will be entertained and might learn a few tips about getting along with their parents as they go. ..."



"Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver would be a perfect read aloud for any classroom. In fact, it is on my list to share with my 6th graders at the beginning of next year. The class could become “Problem Solvers” by helping others with issues they have with their parents. The teacher could develop “problems” or the students can make their own. They can be solved by committee or by individual problem solvers. You could even expand to problems with siblings, pets, neighbors, other students…. Classes could read both Nate the Great and Dewey Fairchild to compare and contrast: technology, methods, success… Activities could be expanded into cooking. There are so many different cookies mentioned in the story. The class could make cookies and then graph favorites, write reviews, practice descriptive writing, invent new recipes, and study cooking measurements, Holy tarter sauce, you will love this book."

-Tiger Oma


"A delightful book that will appeal to young minds. Fun, with a little detective work and lots of biscuits to keep everything sweet."



"I highly recommend picking up a copy for your middle grade readers! I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. We can’t wait for the next book of Dewey Fairchild’s cases!"