Eddie the Electron Moves Out - AVAILABLE NOW!

The long-awaited sequel to Eddie the Electron is finally available for purchase! Eddie the Electron Moves Out takes your child on an educational adventure, teaching them about the importance of caring for non-renewable resources and exploring the origins of helium molecules. This series is a must have for STEM educators and parents! Combining the sciences of Child Development and Chemistry, Melissa Rooney, Ph.D. has crafted the perfect educational tool to inspire your children's interest in science and caring for the planet.


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The balloon has popped and Eddie is free! Free to explore and embark on the adventure he's always dreamed about. Eddie zooms through the atmosphere and sees the different atoms that make up the air we breathe. His adventure shows him how rare Helium atoms, like his, are. Through his memories, he teaches readers about Helium gas, from its explosive creation to its many uses. As he teaches, Eddie comes to realize that Helium is not only a rapidly disappearing resource, it's one that is vitally important to our world!   Journey with energetic Eddie and learn about his life before being trapped in a grocery store balloon. See how far he has traveled from his home in the Earth’s crust all the way up to outer space, where he looks down on the giant marble called Earth.   Eddie the Electron Moves Out is the sequel to the exciting and informational book, Eddie the Electron. Students, parents, and teachers will learn how important helium is to our world, while being reintroduced to the science of atoms.


Praise for Eddie!


"I have a 5 year old who is interested in everything about the universe and this book was able to put it down to her level and allow her to ask me more informed questions. Overall we love this book and it will be well loved."

-5 Star Amazon Review


"Great book! Beautifully written."



"This book is a fabulous introduction to science for kids. My boys, aged 10 and 8, loved it and afterwards talked for a long while about all the things they could imagine if they were an atom!! I agree with Melissa Rooney, the author - we often underestimate how much our children can understand and will be interested in. This book gives them that chance."

-5 Star Amazon Review





"This is an entertaining and educational book for both kids and adults. The author uses simple terms and fun illustrations to explain what atoms, protons and electrons are and what they do."

-5 Star Amazon Review


"Excellent. What a great book!"



"I bought the book with my 9 year old in mind, and I wasn't too sure my 5 year old would understand much. Boy was I wrong! My 5 year old LOVES the book and asks for it every night at bedtime so he can laugh out loud at the funny illustrations and cheer for Eddie to escape from Erwin, his boring orbit-mate. Meanwhile, my 9 year old impressed her teacher with her knowledge of electrons, protons and neuclei, all after only one reading of the story. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone with kids that like funny stories (and whose kids don't?)."

-5 Star Amazon Review


"Wonderful story and creatively written."

-5 Star Amazon Review


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