The Girl From Old Nichol- 1/10/2017

Get ready for a new Historical Fiction available January 10th, 2017!

The Victorian Era novel, The Girl From Old Nichol, by Betty Annand is the first in a trilogy that follows Gladys as she rises into new social circles through deception and hard work. This rich and compelling historical novel takes you from the streets of London to the manor houses of the English countryside where it has you rooting for Gladys, not just to survive, but to thrive.

About the Book: 
Born into extreme poverty in the London slums, young Gladys Tunner strives to survive her circumstances, including her alcoholic parents. Desperation and dreams for a better life are constant. Her childhood best friend and protector, Toughie, looks after her until she’s forced to escape into the English countryside, creating an elaborate masquerade that leads to both love and heartbreak.
Under a new identity, Gladys finds work at an inn, first as a housemaid, then later as a barmaid. She gains a dear friend and, eventually, two well-off suitors to choose from. Once married, Gladys enjoys a life of privilege she'd only dared to dream of. But shortly after the birth of her daughter, disaster strikes when Gladys learns that her beloved husband has been killed. With his death, Gladys begins to rely on her new family, but misfortune continues to plague her. Can she survive the capricious hand of fate with her masquerade intact, or will she die as she began, a pauper in the worst of London's slums?
This rich and compelling novel is a story of true love and longing, both for a new future and the memories of the past. You’ll hope the best for Gladys, no matter which path she takes.

Betty Annand


About the Author:

Born in Vancouver, B.C in 1927, Betty Annand has resided in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island since the age of ten. Widowed since 2002, she has enjoyed doing volunteer work at her church, the local hospital, and a local theatre, where she writes and directs plays for the seniors group. She resides in the house that she and her husband built sixty years ago and enjoys spending time with her family, who still live on the island. She is the author of three non-fiction books, Growing up in the White House, Voices from Bevan, and Voices from Courtenay Past. The Girl from Old Nichol is her first novel.



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