The Girl From Old Nichol: AVAILABLE NOW!

Today marks the release of Betty Annand's debut historical fiction, The Girl From Old Nichol! Available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Target.


Annand had previously written three non-fiction books and has made the transition by diving into her favorite historical setting, the Victorian Era. Her novel has been getting some great reviews from readers on NetGalley and Goodreads, take a look! And be sure to enter our Goodreads Giveaway!



Born into extreme poverty in the London slums, Gladys Tunner bravely strives to survive until she’s forced to escape and run for her life, creating an elaborate masquerade that leads to both love and heartbreak.

 This rich and compelling historical novel has you rooting for Gladys from beginning to end.





"It was a complete fluke that I was lucky enough to come across this ARC on Net Galley, free of charge, and the 1st novel written by Betty Annand from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I had just returned from Vancouver myself so her bio grabbed my interest.  She wrote little plays for her local theater, and I had just been to their local Bards on the Beach to see Othello.  I was as a result captivated and just had to read this book...

I couldn't put this book down.  It was so good!  I do hope there will be a continuation follow up because I'm estimating Gladys was only about 23 years old at the conclusion and I want to know what happened to her next."

-Dr. Lorrie Simington


"This is an excellent historical novel, much deeper in detail and depth of story than generally found.  The protagonists are well rounded and likable, lots of details of living conditions both good and bad, and the tale holds true to the times."

-Bonnye Reed Fry


"An evocative novel which gets to the heart of life in the worst slum in Victorian London. The characters are well thought out with good and bad in everyone, making them believable and engaging.  Plenty of accurate period detail which transports you back to another time. This could have been a very dark novel, but it is both interesting & upliftting - you can't wait to see what happens next."

-Cath Bell


"Excellent storyline.  Wonderful main characters and very well written.  I would recommend this book."

-Stephanie Collins


"This story is about a girl who is called Gladys who was born to alcoholic parents in the later end of the 19th century in one of the worst slums in London. It tells the story of how she escapes the slum called Old Nichol and raises herself up by hard work.Gladys marries the love of her life but tragedy soon follows her.The book is well researched and I really enjoyed it although the ending is left wide open and a lot of the story lines unresolved so I really hope that a sequel will follow."

-Penny Cottell


To learn more about The Girl From Old Nichol read our exclusive excerpt and check out our interview with Betty Annand about how her family history inspired Gladys's story.



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The Girl From Old Nichol

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