Lala Pettibone's Act 2: AVAILABLE NOW!

The highly anticipated Lala Pettibone's Act 2 by Heidi Mastrogiovanni is finally available for purchase! Lala Pettibone's Act 2 is a humorous story of rebirth and a second-coming of age. Readers of all ages have been thrilled with how relatable and inspiring Lala is in her journey to start her life over and pursue her passions. Foreward, Kirkus, and Girl Boner have all given the book glowing reviews, and readers have had nothing but love for Lala!


Lala Pettibone's Act 2 is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered through any of your local bookstores!


Meet Lala Pettibone, a forty-something widow whose outrageous antics befit women half her age. When Lala leaves her beloved New York City to relocate to a whole other Manhattan on the opposite side of the country, she's less than thrilled. But good things come her way in sunny California, including inspiration to finish writing an uproarious book based on her own delightfully ridiculous adventures.


Lala Pettibone's Act Two is a wonderfully hilarious, second-coming-of-age-novel.




Praise for Lala Pettibone's Act 2!


"...Lala's zest for life, love of rescue dogs, and solid friendships will keep readers engaged. Mastrogiovanni's debut is a story about second chances with a sense of humor." 

-Kirkus Reviews


"Heidi Mastrogiovanni's debut novel is a masterful, spirited adventure. Whether Lala Pettibone is adoring her rescue dogs, processing life's curveballs or drooling over a new lust interest, she'll win your heart and keep you laughing. A tale that proves blooming after heartache is more than possible, you may just discover more of yourself in the process. Brava, Ms. Mastrogiovanni! The world needs more Lala Pettibone."

-August McLaughlin, Girl Boner


"Lala Pettibone’s Act Two provides a breezy, enjoyable read full of clever humor and whimsical situations. Despite the comical take, Lala’s journey of self-discovery serves as effective inspiration for people seeking to get themselves out of a rut."

-Foreword Review


"It's funny & witty and I want all my friends to read it so we can talk about it!!!"

-Irenda Yamaris (Goodreads)


"This book is so endearingly goofy, zany, far-out, and every other word in that general category that it's hard to know where to start with it. The jokes, wisecracks, and ridiculous situations come at you at a mile a minute, so that sometimes it's hard to keep track of the actual plot. Lala herself is that crazy, zest-filled friend/maiden aunt you have stashed away somewhere who's sort of really irritating and sort of the most fun person in your life, and reading about her is in turns hilarious and maddening. All in all, quite a fun little sex-and-alcohol fueled romp for the over-forty set, with the added bonus of sweet, lovable dogs :)"

-E.P. (Goodreads)


"I needed this book, it was a great distraction from my own disappointments in life. Therefore it deserves a place on the for-a-rainy-day-bookshelf. If fooling yourself is not an option or you run out of ideas, hibernate with this book when the universe is sending you rain and lots of it!"

-Fleurtje Eliza (Goodreads)


"Lala Pettibone is that person you want in your circle of friends. The one that always has an idea, smile and heart of gold. This was a fun romp of a read and one of the few books I would consider for a second read just because it made me happy."

-Jennie (Goodreads)



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