The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest- FIRST LOOK

The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest


I Am Almost Eaten


“Skyco, quick, get out of there!” the brothers yelled simultaneously. I tried to back up quickly, but it was difficult to move fast enough in the water. I realized in panic that I stood helplessly right in the opening, between a big shark and its freedom. I had no chance. The fish was upon me, but instead of biting, it thrust past me as it swept out through the entrance of the pen. The impact of its body and the turbulence of the water tumbled me off my feet and my head went under water. After an eternity, I finally surfaced outside the pen, sputtering and hurting, my arms and legs paddling frantically against the water.


“Hurry, hurry!” I heard Ascopo shouting, but I was disoriented from the dunking. At last I got my feet under me and turned toward the shore, but then I felt another wave rising up my back and realized that once the shark was free of the trap, it had turned around and was charging toward me again as I rushed along the fence trying to make it back to shore. It was my bloody foot that it was after! Why hadn’t I thought about that?


I pushed my feet against the bottom with all my might, flailed my hands like paddles in the water, and rushed headlong toward the beach. I heard the brothers give an alarm yell just as a wave broke and helped push me onto dry ground as I flew up the beach. I looked over my shoulder to see the shark whipping its massive muscular body from side to side as it struggled against the sand to swim back into deeper water. It had come right into the shallows after me. It was a menacing creature, dark, brownish gray with a broad, flat, depressed snout and tiny, dull eyes. It snapped its mouth and I saw pink gums and rows of gleaming, white, triangular teeth.


I collapsed down onto the beach as the others rushed up. My hip and side where the shark had brushed past me were raw and bleeding, the skin scraped away so deeply that the exposed surface was stark white, with red streaks from which blood was welling up. My toe was bleeding too. I thought of that flat head and tiny eyes and white teeth, imagining that the teeth must have scraped without actually biting me in half. All of a sudden, the memory overwhelmed me, and I leaned over and vomited.