What Would It Be Like - An Inside Look!

We're so excited about the launch of one of our new children's books, What Would It Be Like by McArthur Krishna.

This book follows an adventurous little girl who wonders what it would be like to be various things, like an astronaut, a cowgirl, a chemist, and a pirate. She goes to the library and learns about all kinds of strong women that changed history. We didn't want you to have to wait until July 5th to see it, so here's an exclusive inside look at this colorful and empowering book: What Would It Be Like To Be An Austronaut Sneak Peak What Would It Be Like To Be An Astronaut Sneak Peek


What Would It Be Like To Be a Cowgirl Sneak Peek What Would It Be Like To Be a Cowgirl Sneak Peek


On the last page of the book is an index with all of the names of the women mentioned in the story and more facts about them. This book encourages research and teaches children that knowledge is at their fingertips. The Children's Book Review had amazing things to say about What Would It Be Like:

"All children wonder what it would be like to grow up and be something exciting. From astronauts to archeologists, there is a whole world to explore. This special book looks at famous women in history who took the unexpected route, who did the thing that children dream about doing. The author takes us on a journey with historical and modern-day figures, starting with being a real-life cowgirl. Roping cattle and riding horses were just a part of daily life for eventual Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor. Next, we meet the pirate Jacquotte Delahay, a captain who took over an island with hundreds of other pirates in her crew. Take that, Blackbeard!

Other famous women include Marie Curie, Madame CJ Walker, and Gertrude Walker (and quite a few more). Each woman is shown doing what she loved best: science experiments, exploring the desert, presiding as the leader of a country. The illustrations are bright and colorful, stylistically representing these famous figures in child-friendly detail. Historical figures can be a heavy subject, and the cute pictures help make the stories more interesting to younger children. The prose is perfectly executed for child-friendly non-fiction. All children, and especially little girls, will love to see real-life examples of women who did exactly what they wanted. No dream is too big. Mothers also get a well-deserved shout-out for the exciting and important jobs they hold. McArthur asks, "(w)hat has your mother done for you today?"

Highly recommended for all children, though girls will be more likely to appreciate female role models in both traditional and non-traditional roles. The handy appendix at the end of the book gives more historical information about each famous person. What a fun and inspirational book for children and adults! Parents and children will enjoy the book together, and it's a great jumping-off point to more research as a family activity. Highly recommended." - Children's Book Review


What Would It Be Like releases July 5th, 2016 and will available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Pre-order it now!