The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate- AVAILABLE NOW!

Take off on a magnificent adventure with Waldo Baron, Rose, and the Baron family!! The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate is finally available for purchase! Don't miss out on the exciting start to The Bizarre Baron Inventions series. This is a story that appeals to readers of all ages! Eric Bower's new book is the story you wish you had for your childhood and your kids will always remember as being a part of theirs.


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Our story begins, as many stories do, with a talking squirrel dream . . .   The year is 1891, and Waldo “W.B.” Baron has just woken up to find his house flying—no, wait, floating?—floating a thousand feet above the ground. His inventor parents have transformed their house into a flying machine, which they’ve entered into a race around the country. Unfortunately for W.B. (who knows less about science than the average tapeworm), that means missing a show staring the hero of his favorite adventure novels, Sheriff Graham.   The incomparably klutzy W.B. gets his own taste of the Wild West when his family’s flying house is hijacked by Rose Blackwood, the sister of Sheriff Graham’s greatest nemesis, the vilest villain, the cruelest criminal, Benedict Blackwood. Rose forces the Barons to continue the race, so that she can steal the prize money and break her brother out of jail.   With the help of an unusually tiny friend and aided by a baffling interpretation of simple scientific concepts, W.B. is finally given the chance to be the hero, instead of the kid who reads about the hero while eating too much pie.  

Praise for The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate!


"Author Eric Bower sure knows how to spin a yarn. Every part of the story has purpose and the story builds upon each chapter. There are unexpected plot-twist surprises that elicit laughter. His characters are vibrant and they bring color to the story with their varying quirky traits... Other characters bring color and thoughtfulness to the story because they are not what they seem at all—in fact, they remind readers not to judge people by what others tell us about them."

-The Children's Book Review


"Each chapter title is pulled from the final words of that same chapter, creating a nicely rounded narrative effect. Wordplay abounds; for instance, when competitors in the race assault the house with fruit, P exclaims, “Those bananas are a classic sign of gorilla warfare!” VERDICT Readers who enjoyed the movie Up and “Wallace and Gromit” will embrace this humorous tale—all while learning about science, language, humanity, and family in the bargain."

SLJ, Gina Petrie, Catawba College Library, NC


"...just about as wild as one might hope the West can get."

-Kirkus Review


"The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate is such a wonderful book full of adventure and fantasy that makes you want scientist parents to take you on crazy adventures! As soon as I finished the book I told my husband that it was the perfect book to be made into a movie."

-Veronica, Goodreads


"Quirky with a capital Q and totally going to be in my books I take to Middle School libraries in the next year. ...A fun read that will have kids using their imagination as well as just enjoying the speed of the changing scenes and adventures."

-Jennie, Goodreads


"The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate is a fantastic, quirky adventure with flamboyant characters. ...It is a fast-paced book that kids (and young-ish adults) will surely enjoy. It made me think of the nonsensical crazy world of Alice in Wonderland. Going from one oddity to another, you eventually get suck in this wonderfully nutty intrigue. It’s imaginative, funny, quirky and entertaining. I literally couldn’t put it down and read it within a few hours. I very much enjoyed it and highly recommend it."

-LaBibliodeCaro, Goodreads


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