Morgan Otter Saves the Sea Turtles - First Look!

Morgan Otter Saves the Sea Turtles

Chapter Three

Page 25.


Morgan is bouncing in her seat as Mum drives towards the camp. She is so excited about all of the animals she will get to see this week. She is also nervous about meeting new people because she never knows what to say at first, but she is hoping that she meets a couple of fun kids. She is tired of playing by herself, as she has for the past week, and she thinks that a new friend would definitely make this week even better.


They finally pull up to the camp, and Morgan looks out her window. She sees several kids about her age walking towards the main building. Morgan jumps out of the car, and she and her parents follow the crowd to the sign-in desk. There, a young woman with light brown hair tied in a ponytail asks Morgan her name, and then hands her a large yellow sticker to put on her t-shirt. Morgan looks down to see that it says, “Morgan” in large letters, and below her name it says, “Loggerhead.”


“A Loggerhead is a type of sea turtle!” Morgan says.


“Yes, it is,” the woman responds. “You will learn all about them this week.”


Morgan tells her, “Yay! I’m excited about learning more about sea turtles. I got a book last week, so I’ve been reading all about sea turtles.”


“That sounds great,” the woman says. “You will have to share your new knowledge about sea turtles with the group when you learn about them later in the week. For now, you should know that each group has been assigned a different animal and color. If you ever get separated from your group, you should be able to find the rest of the group by looking at the tags. Also, each morning you will meet up with your group in this main room. You will want to look for the yellow sign that says Loggerhead. Today, they are meeting over to your left.”


About the book:


Eight-year-old Morgan Otter moves from her home in the hot Arizona desert to damp, green Georgia when her father gets a new job. She attends a day camp at the Nature Center where she meets new friends and learns about the animals of the Lowcountry, including endangered sea turtles. As Morgan learns about the sea turtles, she vows to become a sea turtle superhero with her new friend, Claire. The dynamic duo help protect baby sea turtles at the beach and make sure they make it to the ocean unharmed.








About the author: tiffany_noell

Following conversations with various children in her life, Tara V. Thompson realized that many multiracial children did not have the chance to read about characters resembling themselves, thus inspiring her to write children’s books featuring diverse characters. Her graduate work and academic publications focused on multicultural literature, performance, and identity.

Born in Georgia, Tara has lived all over the South, which serves as an inspiration for her writings. In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors and traveling. Whether it’s a new trail, restaurant, or town to visit, Tara is always ready for an adventure.






Available November, 8, 2016 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.