The Mourning Parade - AVAILABLE NOW!

The Mourning Parade is finally available for purchase. Author Dawn Reno Langley is a master of the written word and has created a novel that readers will not forget. Follow Natalie DeAngelo as she travels to Thailand after a traumatic and heartbreaking loss, to join a veterinarian clinic that supports rescued elephants. While living at the elephant sanctuary she connects with the elephant, Sophie, who is suffering from a severe case of PTSD. Join in the beautiful relationship that is built between the two as they find love, trust, and healing working with one another. Dawn Reno Langley has had a lifelong love affair with elephants and authoritatively combines her intimate knowledge of their plight in Asia, their behavior, techniques used to heal and train them, and how PTSD can apply. The Mourning Parade is a powerful story you will love.


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Single mom and veterinarian Natalie DeAngelo lost everything the day her two sons were killed in a school shooting. Following her psychiatrist's advice, she decides to sell her once-happy home to  escape the immense pain and grief of living there alone. Desperate to find relief from her unspeakable loss, Natalie impetuously commits to honoring her boys’ memory and volunteers to assist philanthropist Andrew Graham at his elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand.  All she wants once she gets there is relief.   But she soon realizes she may be in over her head when she faces three major challenges: her debilitating PTSD is creating night terrors; Peter Hatcher, the sanctuary’s irascible in-house vet, has a longtime grudge against her and wants desperately for her to fail; and Sophie, a female elephant with a raging leg infection and PTSD caused by human abuse, is demanding that Natalie use every trick in her veterinarian’s black bag to heal her.   Dr. Hatcher wants to euthanize Sophie, as he claims she's a lost cause, and Natalie knows she must find a way to convince the others to let her keep trying. Can she and Sophie find a way to heal together and learn to love life again? Or will another tragedy shatter Natalie's progress?   This deeply emotional novel explores the capacity of a mother's love, the challenge of overcoming a devastating loss, and the long, tiresome journey to healing.


Praise for The Mourning Parade!


"I sincerely wish I could just hug Dawn Reno Langley. I'm just so grateful to her for this book. - my first reading experience with Dawn....and not the last!!!"



"I loved how, and what, this book made me feel. Tears were shed, puddles from my heart melting over and over again. A profoundly moving story about love: a mother’s love for their child, the connection of that love between all of God’s creatures, coping with loss, and the seemingly endless journey to healing – one step at a time. "



"Wow, I devoured this book. It was a quick read with much depth. I'm an animal lover, and I knew early in the book that Dawn Reno Langley has a heart for animals, too. One of my favorite quotes was from the owner of the sanctuary, and he said he opened it so that hurt humans could help heal hurt animals - and that they always ended up healing each other in the process."

-Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader


"This was five star read for me and probably one of my all time life favorites. This book is so full of love. There is tragedy as well but I felt a stronger connection to Dr. Natalie DeAngelo and her love for the elephants especially Sophie."



"While I have read virtually all of Ms. Langley’s books, The Mourning Parade quickly became my favorite. The story elicits a full range of emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise – it isn’t often one experiences this many emotions so profoundly in a single book and, for this, Ms. Langley should be commended."

-Jodi Marshall


"I loved that it was such a visual read for me. I could picture the setting, characters and animals. I could feel the weather and smell the smells! I smiled and I cried. Towards the end of the book, I was talking out loud to it!"



"Wow. I absolutely loved this book. Every single minute of it. The emotions in this book of humans and animals are powerful. The author creates these unforgettable characters. I was excited to see the progress of Sophie each day as well as learning about the other elephants and the many characters that are their mahouts, trainers. Sophie and Natalie are going through a lot of the same emotions. So, I believe, that is why they related to each other so much. They needed each other to cope. After all, the owner, Andrew, said he "hires broken humans to fix broken animals so they can heal together." Understanding the others pain."



"Wow! What a great read. This is the kind of book you hold to your heart when you are finished, with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face. I felt like I could feel all the emotions, and felt like I was right there with the people in Thailand and amongst the elephants. This is a book that will stay with me for a long while. I will be looking for more from this author."



"This was a fascinating story of what it takes to work with these wonderful animals, how both the humans and animals interact with each other, and the building of trust for each other."



"What a great book. The plot is great. Loved the character development. A new to me author and I definitely will be reading more of her work."



"This is a 10 star novel! A fascinating and extraordinary book written with great care and style. ...The author tells us "Animals feel pain, sadness, and grief just like we do, but they know life goes on. They are not anxiety ridden." The greatest advice to ponder. Can't say enough about the writing style and the plot. A beautiful book!"