Praise for Mammoth by Douglas Perry

In just over two weeks, Mammoth by Douglas Perry is set to release. Don't feel like waiting until September 6 to see for yourself if it's worth the read? Just check out what everyone else is saying!

"Mammoth is a gripping thriller built on conundrums -- and not necessarily the 'whodunit?' kind. The puzzles it presents are the ones we face every day. Why do people do what they do? What makes us who we are? Why do bad things happen? Fittingly for its title, Mammoth is that rare crime novel that takes on the biggest mysteries of them all." -Steve Hockensmith, Edgar Award finalist for Holmes on the Range

"Bursting with vigor and electrified characters and with an ending the author stamps with a knowing wink.” - Kirkus Reviews

“A bank robbery that goes undetected for a long time. A mysterious something in the woods near an all-girls runner’s camp. Snippets on the radio about some sort of attack. Mass panic and people fleeing town en masse. This is the setting for Mammoth, by Douglas Perry. We are drawn into this suspenseful tale by way of a large cast of characters, each of whom has a story to contribute to the whole. No one seems to know what the panic is all about, but the few people remaining in town begin to descend into a chaotic lawless melee. Is anyone safe?

As the story unfolds and the suspense builds, we see bits of the lives of several characters who seem unrelated at first. Gradually, they are drawn together and we see more connections between them. The ending is quite a surprise and it does explain what caused the chaos in a neat way.

This is an enjoyable and suspenseful tale.” – Kim C. Educator. NetGalley.


“With vivid imagery and a prevailing sense of menace, the author leads a multitude of characters with varied back stories to a unique and unexpected ending.” – Irene M. Bookseller. NetGalley.

"From the first page, I felt a heavy dark cloud hanging over my left shoulder, the type that promises severe electrical storms and tornadoes. Only this cloud promises imminence of destruction, for the town of Mammoth View, and for the girls' camp on the mountain-the only runner's camp for adolescent girls in the nation. The cloud doesn't identify its form of destruction; but the reader will labor under a breath-suppressing dread nonetheless.

This perception carried throughout the book, but the numerous characters so engaged me that my attention remained riveted. Both writing and character are excellent. As for plot: after several decades of mystery reading, guessing at villains and outcomes, MAMMOTH fooled me, totally, and more than once! I had the thrill of discovery, because "I sure didn't see THAT coming!!"


preview-full-DougPerry1Douglas Perry is an award-winning writer and editor whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago magazine, The Oregonian, and many other publications. He is the author of two nonfiction books and co-author of another. The Wall Street Journal called Perry’s The Girls of Murder City “a sexy, swaggering, historical tale.”

Perry's newest book, Mammoth, is a suspenseful mystery novel that takes place in Mammoth View, California.






Mammoth by Douglas Perry

The news hits Mammoth View, California, early on a summer morning: there’s been a massacre at one of the campsites outside town. It’s not clear what happened, but it’s obviously bad. And it’s not over. Police Chief Kenneth Hicks and his deputy set off into the woods to investigate. 

As residents panic and head out of town, the attack appears to be the perfect coincidence for Billy Lane. Looking for the biggest score of his career, he’s targeted the local bank. But the robbery does not go well – and the aftermath gets even worse as Billy as his conspirators must try to come up with a new escape plan when they run into a gridlock of townspeople fleeing for their lives.

 Over the next twenty-four hours, chaos descends on Mammoth View. Billy will have to find deep wells of courage and ingenuity to retain his freedom. His daughter Tori, also running for her life, will discover she’s much stronger than she ever knew. Local police chief Hicks will face his past personal failures – and his present professional ones. 

All the while, the investigation will lead inexorably to what really happened outside of town, but those touched by the event will never be the same.

Release date: September 6, 2016. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound.