Second Acts - AVAILABLE NOW!

We are thrilled to announce that Second Acts, from debut author Teri Emory, is now available! Curl up with a warm drink and get ready to call your best friend after reading - at its heart, Second Acts is a powerful story of enduring female friendships. Foreword Reviews calls it "a smart, heartfelt glimpse at love, loss, and surprises in the lives of three longtime friends who are navigating unfamiliar emotional terrain amid personal and professional change."


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From the streets of Manhattan to the suburbs of Florida, from Savannah, Georgia, to Rome, Italy, the interwoven tales of three lives unfold in the voices of Sarah, Miriam, and Beth. Their unshakable friendship takes root in a college dorm in the late nineteen-sixties. Fueled by the optimism and bravado of that era, they charge into adulthood with lofty ideals and high expectations.   They were, as Beth would later observe, “the first generation of women who felt entitled to interesting lives.” They remain friends for decades—trading secrets, sharing joys, and shepherding each other through loss and heartache. Little by little, they come to terms with a disconcerting postscript to the Age of Aquarius: Life—inevitably, unsparingly, repeatedly—demands compromise.  

In the year leading up to 9/ 11, the three women, now middle aged, are tested by unwelcome drama at home, unforeseen challenges at work, and unresolved conflicts about decisions made long ago. Sustained by their abiding friendship, Sarah, Miriam and Beth confront hard truths about themselves and the choices they have made. They must let go of past regrets and make peace with present circumstances as they begin the second acts of their lives.


Second Acts is a story of love, loss, and renewal, and a testament to the enduring power of female friendship.

Praise for Second Acts!


"Intelligent, witty, and filled with true feeling, Second Acts is a meditation on resilience, second chances, and the unfaltering strength of women’s friendships."


"The writing is clear and involving and rich and layered. It's a book about relationships and transformation, and those are qualities that I absolutely adore in stories. I truly started missing the three main characters as soon as I finished the novel."

- Heidi Mastrogiovanni, author of Lala Pettibone's Act Two


"This novel was very easy for me to slide into. There were so many instances where I could personally identify with the events in the characters' lives. Told in a laid-back style with beautiful, concise writing. It was a pleasure to read about enduring female friendships."

- Kathryn Berla, author of Dream Me


"In this affecting and insightful novel, Teri Emory skillfully braids three lives into a unified narrative. Second Acts is an often-painful yet humorous depiction of middle-aged life and offers us an essential reminder that we need to share our joy and with those we love. In American lives one can live many acts: it’s never too late to begin again and again."

-Michael Thomas, award-winning author of Man Gone Down


"Emory has woven historical events and realistic bits of life through the alternating chapters. I felt like I knew these women; I went up and down with them and rooted for them. Clear writing and careful plotting made this a winner for me. Not all of it was expected, which was also a plus. Their friendship survives so much as they move through their lives. We should all be so lucky."

- Kathleen