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Stand up and Whistle by Phyllis J. Perry is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and more. This empowering middle-grade will inspire the youth of today to take action on what they believe in. The Children's Book Review called it, "a strong story that showcases friendship, perseverance, and the importance of sticking to one’s ideals and beliefs."  

StandUpandWhistleWhen seventh grader Jeannie learns that Keelor Construction plans to exterminate two prairie dog colonies to make way for construction projects, she takes immediate action. From taking part in a protest, to organizing a petition drive, to speaking before city council, Jeannie fights to save the threatened animals. She manages to balance this activism with her schoolwork and auditioning for the school talent show with her best friend, Mary Jo. With support from her friends, schoolmates, family, and other adults, Jeannie learns the power of people acting together, and that anyone can make a difference if they decide to act.


About the author:

Phyllis J. Perry is the award-winning author of more than eighty books for children and adults. Many of her books have been about animals ranging from a field guide of the ocean animals off the coast of Australia, to books about training rescue dogs, to those about tigers, crocodiles, bats, and even mice. As a former teacher in California, New Jersey, and Colorado, she writes books that she that will inform and interest young readers.



"An amazing work! I really did enjoy the reading. Every inch of the story was very interesting. Character of the "Jeannie Broderson" was my favourite character in this story. She was brave, strong-minded young lady. I like her bravery, persistence, courage, & every quality she had. This was the first time I ever read a book of the author Phillys J. Perry. I think she has a impressive & winning writing-style." - Dilshu W. Reviewer on


"Stand Up and Whistle is an intelligently written work that young readers will certainly enjoy. It powerfully combines social protest, environmentalism, and some very effective education on ecosystems—especially as it pertains to the often-overlooked role of more modest creatures like prairie dogs." - Children's Book Review



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“Mary Jo and I are doing our western animal report on prairie dogs,” she began. “We biked to Willow Creek last week to take some pictures of the prairie dog colony there. That's when we found out, by accident, that the Keelor Construction thinks prairie dogs are pests. As a matter of fact, they think they're such big pests that they're planning to poison them all.”

Jeannie heard a general murmur travel through the room. For the moment, at least, she'd caught their attention.

“Are you sure about that?” Chester Hartung asked. Before she could answer, someone else chimed in. “Hey! No one would do that!”

“It's true,” Jeannie said. “I talked with a representative from Keelor Construction Company on the phone yesterday. He told me that the prairie dogs at Longview would be poisoned this Saturday morning.”

“My dad works construction,” Bobby Watson called out. “He's going to be working on the Mile High Mall. He needs this job. There hasn't been much work around here lately. If they have to get rid of some dumb prairie dogs to get the work started, I say do it.”

Jeannie stood there for a moment, stunned. She felt under attack. Then she found her voice again. “Dumb? Prairie dogs aren’t dumb. They have the most complex language of any animal; they talk to one another. I don’t want to stop the construction of the mall. I just want to save the animals.”

“Couldn't they move the prairie dogs?” Geoff Yegian asked.

Jeannie looked at Geoff gratefully. That was the kind of question she had hoped for. “Yes, as a matter of fact the construction company said they planned to move them but ran out of time. What we need to do is stop the poisoning until a home can be found for them. The Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Fund will have people there at eight o'clock on Saturday morning with signs protesting the poisoning. I'm hoping some of you will make signs and come, too.”



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