Stand Up and Whistle - Available 7/9/16

Have you ever taken a stand for a cause you believed in? Just how much of a difference can two young girls make in their community? In this empowering middle-grade book, two smart girls take a stand against the extermination of a local prairie dog population. Stand Up and Whistle by Phyllis J. Perry

When seventh grader Jeannie learns that Keelor Construction plans to exterminate two prairie dog colonies to make way for construction projects, she takes immediate action. From taking part in a protest, to organizing a petition drive, to speaking before city council, Jeannie fights to save the threatened animals. She manages to balance this activism with her schoolwork and auditioning for the school talent show with her best friend, Mary Jo. With support from her friends, schoolmates, family, and other adults, Jeannie learns the power of people acting together, and that anyone can make a difference if they decide to act. 


About the author:

Phyllis J Perry Amberjack Children's Book Author

As a teacher in California, New Jersey, and Colorado, Phyllis J. Perry was always looking for the best, most interesting books she could find for her students. Not always successful in finding exactly what she wanted, she promised herself that one day she would write to fill that void. Retired and writing full time now, she has published more than eighty books for children and adults.

Many of her books have been about animals. She has written about training rescue dogs, about poisonous sea creatures off the coast of Australia, about tigers, crocodiles, bats and even mice. It was only natural that the plight of prairie dogs would catch her attention and result in a book for young readers. Since she lives in Colorado, just a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park, it is also natural that several of her nonfiction books are about the park and some of the exciting historical figures involved in its creation.

Phyllis loves the theater, not only attending plays in her area, but also acting in roles in local venues. She enjoys sight-seeing trips to National Parks, especially in Alaska. When she isn't writing, in the theater, or sight-seeing, she can often be found immersed in reading a good British mystery.


Stand Up and Whistle will be available in print and e-book format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Pre-order it now!