Thanksgiving Foods We Love

Thanksgiving is right upon us. It's a great time to see loved ones, reflect on what we are thankful for from this last year and eat delicious food!!


Here at Amberjack, we are thankful for our great authors who share their creative stories with the world, and our readers, who keep the love of books and writing alive.


In honor of the holiday, the Amberjack team wanted to share what holiday foods we look forward to most.




"Green bean casserole. I have a recipe that uses fresh ingredients and no cream of anything soup."

Check out this similar recipe!



"Mashed potatoes. Traditional."



"Mashed potatoes, but made with all the butter, no milk. Tons of butter, more butter than you'd imagine, even. Bonus points if there's mashed turnips in there too."

Check out Paula Dean's buttered, turnip mashed potatoes recipe.



"My favorite is stuffing!"



"Turkey and homemade cranberry sauce with mashed potatoes and gravy. mmmmmmm."

Here's a homemade cranberry sauce recipe with orange and cinnamon!



"Also mashed potatoes. And green bean casserole. And turkey. All mixed together. That counts as one dish, right?"


Mashed potatoes clearly have the largest vote here. But how can you pick just one!? What is your favorite thing about the holidays?


We hope that you have a great, long weekend celebrating with family and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving!