Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure - AVAILABLE NOW!

We're pleased to release Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure  today, June 7, 2016! Your child will love to join Tomas as he rides his beloved horse, Bonito, through his home of Ecuador and see the landscape from the banana plantations to the beautiful wooded hills. Travel with Tomas as he goes on a dream journey to explore the ocean and beach of one of the Galapagos Islands. From riding a green sea turtle and seeing a humpback whale pod and hammerhead sharks, to a lunch of fresh fruits and fish with pirates on the beach and escaping from a volcano eruption, Tomas goes on a grand adventure, and he’s still home in time for dinner with his mama. The Children's Book Review called Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure “a great, intelligent, and artful book – truly an adventure worth taking!”Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure Children's Book By Carolyn Lunn You can purchase this fun-filled adventure book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

About the author:

Carolyn Lunn has been writing since she was a child, starting with poems in birthday cards to family members. Her first published books were early readers inspired by her two children. Carolyn graduated from the University of Oregon before spending a year at the University of Poitiers in France. She enjoyed several study breaks spent in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy. After graduating, she taught English in Tokyo, was a nanny in Germany, and lived in England for nine years. In all these places, she always sought out the best coffee shops and museums. Carolyn lives in colorful Colorado where she would be lost if not for the mountains. When not writing, she is gardening, running, watching sports, or making home-made pasta. The only traveling she does now is to coffee shops, or trips to dog-sit her "grand-children" : Boursin, the puggle, and shelter-dog, Osita. Both can find trouble, but are irresistibly adorable. Carolyn Lunn, author of Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure