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Boob Job

Confessions of a department store bra fitter

When one of my customers stood before the mirror in the dressing room and lifted her G-sized breasts to her mouth and kissed them, I had a moment of clarity. My job as a bra fitter wasn’t about how many bras I could sell, but who was wearing them. And at that moment of clarity, while Georgia Pickens continued to bond with her extremely large breasts as I stood behind her with my measuring tape, I also realized I have stories to tell—honest, compelling stories.  

Boob Job: Confessions of a Department Store Bra Fitter details Natalee Woods's experience working in the lingerie department of a well-known department store, fitting women for bras for over a decade.  Woven into the humor are subtle and profound insights into larger issues, such as the relationship between women and their bodies, evolving ideas about women’s breasts and their sexual, social, and cultural implications, and how women negotiate all these influences and pressures as they stand before the mirror in the dressing room.  

Filled with plenty of awkwardness and an undeniable sense of relatability, Natalee Woods has offered a peek behind the curtain to remind us that retail workers are just as complicated as the rest of us.

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