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Dawn Reno Langley


A writer, theater critic, mosaic artist, and educator, Dawn Reno Langley has devoted her life to literature and the arts.  Born an Army brat to a WWII and Korea vet and his wife, Dawn spent her childhood scaring her younger siblings with stories of monsters under the bed. Her first published work, an essay on the Cuban missile crisis, revealed a deep sense of social justice that has never waned. In fact, she has been an activist throughout her life, focusing on animal rights and gender issues. She researched female authors and their voices during her MFA program at Vermont College and transgender authors during her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from The Union Institute and University, a program steeped in social justice. During her writing career, she has written extensively for newspapers and magazines and published more than 30 books (children’s, adult novels, and nonfiction), award-winning short stories, essays, and poetry, as well as theater reviews and blogs.

An academic, Fulbright scholar, and TedX speaker, Langley lives in Durham, North Carolina, a small city where people present her with new stories every day. The Mourning ParadeDawn's first novel with Amberjack Publishing, was released July 18, 2017. Her self-help journal Lighting the Divine: A Workbook of Discovery will be released January 22, 2019.