Dewye Fairchild: Sibling Problem Solver , boy standing outside of door watching, another boy spraying pop on sister in her bedroom

Dewey Fairchild | Book 3

Dewey Fairchild, Sibling Problem Solver

By Lorri Horn

Release Date: 8/6/2019

ISBN: 9781948705417 | eBook ISBN: 9781948705424

Dewey’s newest case is a family matter.

Dewey Fairchild’s problem-solving skills are legendary, but when he expands his business to include sibling problems, he finds himself seeing his oddest clients to date and hatching the craziest of schemes to help siblings get along.

Sibling Problem Solver continues the adventures of Dewey and company from Dewey Fairchild, Teacher Problem Solver and Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver, a Kirkus Middle Grade Book of the Year (2017).

praise for the Dewey Fairchild series:

[Dewey’s] string of triumphs will have readers cheering him on, rolling in the aisles, and wishing they could line up for consultations.
— Kirkus Reviews, starred review
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About Lorri Horn

Lorri Horn is an educator and the author of the Dewey Fairchild series, including Parent Problem Solver, Teacher Problem Solver, and Sibling Problem Solver. She has a degree in English, has a teaching credential, has been Nationally Board Certified, and has taught public school for over 14 years.