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Eddie the Electron Moves Out

Moving out and moving up!

The balloon has popped and Eddie is free! Free to explore and embark on the adventure he’s always dreamed about. Eddie zooms through the atmosphere and sees the different atoms that make up the air we breathe. His adventure shows him how rare Helium atoms, like his, are. Through his memories, he teaches readers about Helium gas, from its explosive creation to its many uses. As he teaches, Eddie comes to realize that Helium is not only a rapidly disappearing resource, it’s one that is vitally important to our world!

Journey with energetic Eddie and learn about his life before being trapped in a grocery store balloon. See how far he has traveled from his home in the Earth’s crust all the way up to outer space, where he looks down on the giant marble called Earth.

Eddie the Electron Moves Out is the sequel to the exciting and informational book, Eddie the Electron. Students, parents, and teachers will learn how important helium is to our world, while being reintroduced to the science of atoms.

Eddie the Electron Moves Out was published June 20, 2017.

“Eddie the Electron makes the elements of matter entertaining! And when learning is fun and funny, STEM education is possible. This clever and scientifically accurate book hits on numerous Standards of Learning… a perfect addition to informal and formal science classroom learning.” – Courtney Carter Plaster, Education Coordinator, Virginia Museum of Transportation

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