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Ferrill Gibbs

Ferrill Gibbs is a writer and singer/songwriter from the Alabama Gulf Coast, whose songs have been featured in American Songwriter Magazine and CMJ, material that iTunes has called, “. . . fully arranged pop songs that literate and mature music fans could enjoy.”

He graduated a touch beneath summa cum laude in English at Auburn University, widely regarded as the off-off-Ivy League of the South. Clinging to the oft-repeated axiom that C students rule the world, Ferrill wakes each day in gleeful expectation of the profits to start rolling in, and has a blog that is highly trafficked by his mother, Linnie.

Having worked in several industries including food service and construction, Ferrill now manages a chain of family-owned convenience stores with his wife, “Fish,” in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, where they live with two wonderful dogs and one feisty kitten.

Ferrill's debut novel, The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt, was released September 5, 2017.