Flip the Silver Switch book cover, purple background, forest, five silhouettes sitting, standing on grass, talking, night time

The Crimson Five | Book 2

Flip the Silver Switch

By Jackie Yeager

Release Date: 8/21/2018 (hardcover) | 8/20/2019 (paperback)

  • Hardcover ISBN: 9781944995690

  • Paperback ISBN: 9781948705332

  • eBook ISBN: 9781944995706

Be Curious. Be Creative. Be Collaborative. Be Colorful. Be Courageous.   

Fresh off their summer at Camp Piedmont, The Crimson Five kids are together again, headed for the Piedmont Global Championships. This time, Kia and her New York teammates travel to Quebec where they’re challenged to solve a new mind-bending task against 99 international teams. But at the Universite de Creativite, they discover a world where inventions like Thought Translation Machines and Clothes Copiers aren’t the only secrets kept. 

The team must focus and unite like never before to solve their hardest task yet if they have any chance of winning a coveted spot on the year-long Swirl and Spark Creativity Tour and keeping their team together. 

Pop the Bronze Balloon continues the award-winning STEM+ series The Crimson Five, building on the inspiring adventures of Spin the Golden Light Bulb.

Praise for the Crimson Five series:

Make[s] space for the audience to solve problems alongside the characters.
— Foreword Reviews

About Jackie Yeager

Jackie Yeager is the author of the Crimson Five series, including Spin the Golden Light Bulb, Flip the Silver Switch, and Pop the Bronze Balloon. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and spent several years coaching Odyssey of the Mind, where her team once-upon-a-time competed at the World Finals. She lives in Rochester, NY with her real life prince charming and two royally amazing teens. When she’s not writing imaginative middle grade fiction or living in her own fairly-tale world, she can be found conducting creative problem solving/writing workshops for kids and blogging at www.swirlandspark.com.