Hour Glass book cover, green hills and meadows, blue sky and clouds

Hour Glass

By Michelle Rene

Release Date: 2/20/2018

ISBN: 9781944995492 | eBook ISBN: 9781944995508

a novel of calamity jane

Set in the lawless town of Deadwood, South Dakota, Hour Glass shares an intimate look at the woman behind the legend of Calamity Jane told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Jimmy Glass.

After their pa falls deathly ill with smallpox, Jimmy and his sister, Hour, travel into Deadwood to seek help. While their pa is in quarantine, the two form unbreakable bonds with the surrogate family that emerges from the tragedy of loss.

In a place where life is fragile and families are ripped apart by disease, death, and desperation, a surprising collection of Deadwood’s inhabitants surround Jimmy, Hour, and Jane. There, in the most unexpected of places, they find a family protecting them from the uncertainty and chaos that surrounds them all.

Laramie Grand Prize Winner

Chanticleer Best Book of the Year 2017

Compassionate and insightful, authentic and poignant.
— Kirkus Reviews
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About Michelle Rene

Michelle Rene is a creative advocate and the author of a number of published works of science fiction, historical fiction, humor, and everything in between. You may have also seen her work under the pen names Olivia Rivard and Abigail Henry. She has won several indie awards under her Michelle Rene name for her historical fiction novel, I Once Knew Vincent (Vabella, 2014).

When not writing, she is a professional artist and all around odd person. She lives, writing in her little closet, with her husband, son, and ungrateful cat in Dallas, Texas.