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Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only

When Life Gives you lemons, run away to paris

What do you do when one of your most cherished dreams comes true?  If you’re Lala Pettibone, you panic.

Lala Pettibone is living her best life with boyfriend David in one of the adorable apartments in her Aunt Geraldine’s fabulous fourplex. It’s the first time Lala has had a long-term relationship since her beloved husband Terrence passed away. 

When David talks marriage, Lala is as terrified as she is delighted.  Fears of losing him to an untimely death begin to haunt her every minute of the day, so she agrees to be “engaged to be engaged” and promptly rushes off to Paris, where her comedic novel is being filmed with an acclaimed British movie star and notorious bad boy in the lead.

The City of Lights provides welcome respite from the wonderful, petrifying decisions that await Lala back in the City of Angels.  But dinners on a yacht cruising the Seine, trips to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and a weekend at a country house in the champagne region can only do so much to delay the choice awaiting Lala in LA.  

Will Lala take the risk of loss that every relationship carries and marry her wonderful David, or will she grab a pain au chocolat from her favorite patisserie and hide in the Louvre forever?

Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only is the sequel to Lala Pettibone's Act Two, and will be released September 4, 2018.

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