Life Detonated book cover, shards and pieces of wood in various sizes being thrown around the cover

Life Detonated

by Kathleen Murray Moran

Release Date: 10/10/2017 (hardcover) | 9/17/2019 (paperback)

  • Hardcover ISBN: 9781944995324

  • Paperback ISBN: 9781944995454

  • eBook ISBN: 9781944995362

The True Story of a Widow and a Hijacker.

On September 11, 1976, Kathleen Murray’s life was shattered when her husband, a NYPD bomb disposal expert, was killed by a terrorist’s bomb.

When one of the culprits sends Kathleen a letter from prison that offers a link back to her husband, she embarks on an emotionally charged journey of loss, healing, and resilience in the aftermath of tragedy.

A moving memoir by the co-founder of Survivors of the Shield, a support organization for the families of NYPD officers killed in the line of duty, Life Detonated speaks to the power of community and to the resilience and generosity of the human spirit.

A raw, somber emotional journey that concludes with hope and a measure of forgiveness.
— Kirkus Reviews
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About Kathleen Murray Moran

Kathleen Murray Moran holds a BA in Journalism (Magna cum Laude) and an MA in English from SUNY Stony Brook. She has taught writing and literature at Suffolk Community College for twenty-five years.

She is the widow of Brian Murray, and the co-founder of Survivors of the Shield (SOS). As a cofounder of SOS, a New York City police widows’ organization providing social, economic, and emotional support to surviving spouses of police killed in the line of duty, Kathleen has given speeches in front of audiences of over one thousand people, has helped organize and secure funding for the bomb squad’s 100th anniversary dinner, has appeared on Sixty Minutes, NBC Live at Five, and given numerous interviews.

She was also instrumental in passing legislation that led to former Governor Mario Cuomo’s COPS Agenda. She has worked with State Senator Dean Skelos to establish full scholarships for line of duty widows and children to all SUNY schools, and a four-year scholarship to St. John’s University. She has worked with the office of the governor of New York, Crime Victims Board, and the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, to ensure officers killed in the line of duty are recognized and to secure benefits for their families.

Kathleen lives on Long Island where she organizes writing and book groups.