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Life Detonated

The True Story of a Widow and a Hijacker

On September 11, 1976, Kathleen Murray was a young mother whose life was drastically changed when her husband, Brian Murray, a NYPD bomb disposal expert, was killed by the accidental detonation of a terrorist’s bomb. 

Life Detonated is a powerful memoir that tells the story of a young woman’s journey out of poverty and into the arms of a vibrant young man whose life and death would forever impact her life. It also details Kathleen's dysfunctional relationship through letters with one of the terrorists, and their disastrous meeting in person. 

This gripping true story is a dramatic statement on resilience in the face of devastating loss, the long road to healing, and, ultimately, the empowerment found by coming away from tragedy stronger than before.

Life Detonated was released October 10, 2017.

"A raw, somber emotional journey that concludes with hope and a measure of forgiveness. " - Kirkus Review

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