Morgan Otter Saves the Sea Turtles

Sea turtle super hero saves the day

Morgan Otter has just moved to the new city of Wilmington Island, Georgia, far from her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Missing her best friend, eight-year-old Morgan is very lonely in her new home, and fears she’ll never make new friends before school starts. Will she ever love this new place as much as she loved Arizona?
Join Morgan as she spends her summer immersed in a nature camp where she meets new friends, learns about the Lowcountry habitat and, best of all, how to become a Sea Turtle Superhero!
Full of rich descriptions and fun facts, readers will learn, alongside Morgan and her friends, the wonders of the Lowcountry, the importance of conservation, and how even a small act can help make the world a better place.

Morgan Otter Saves the Sea Turtles was released November 1, 2016.

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