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On Cedar Hill

Quench your thirst for scandal

Cedar Hill. An upper-middle class community with an abundance of unseemly stories. Enjoy a voyeuristic glance into what lies beneath the manicured lawns and picturesque families.

From one man’s attempt to cope after a devastating diagnosis to a neighborhood kidnapping that continues to mystify years later, On Cedar Hill proves things are not always as they appear. Each vignette stands on its own, yet intertwines to form a composite of Cedar Hill and the peculiar lives of those who have lived there over several decades.

Rich in character, place, and its examination of the impact of time, On Cedar Hill will appeal to any reader who has been curious about what may lie behind the mask of propriety of the well-respected, affluent family. A journey to Cedar Hill will quench not only a thirst for scandal, but touch us as we see the characters trying to save not just their image, but their families and lives.

On Cedar Hill was released October 1, 2015.

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