A Dreadful Fairy Book 6-copy counter display

A Dreadful Fairy Book 6-copy counter display


Readers, beware: what you hold in your hands is a dreadful fairy book.

Whatever expectations you have of delightful and whimsical fairies are sure to be disappointed. There are certainly fairies, but most are not proper fairies. Our heroine is, perhaps, the worst offender. Shade is on a quest, albeit with rather questionable companions, to find a place her outré self can call home. A place of companionship, comfort, and, most importantly, positively filled with books.

Book Information

Author: Jon Etter
Retail Price: $101.99
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 304
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781948705462
Published: November 20, 2018

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