The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest book cover, spirit bear, walking around large fire, night time,

The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest

By Jennifer Frick-Ruppert

Release Date: 4/18/2017

ISBN: 9781944995119 | eBook ISBN: 9781944995171

Boy Becomes Man; Man Becomes Legend.

Skyco, an Algonquin boy, is heir to the great chief Menatonon, but he has much to learn before he can take his place within the tribe. After helping rescue the tribe’s shaman, Roncommock, from a bear attack, Skyco learns that the bear is his spirit animal and will guide him on his quest to become a man.

Roncommock teaches Skyco how to enter the spirit world and communicate not just with the spirits who guide their people, but also how to connect with the animals around them. He steps into the bodies and minds of an ant, a fish, and a bird, and each show him something new about the world—knowledge that he will need to be a great leader. He also learns other practical skills like hunting, canoe building, and how to start a fire.

Learning to properly use an atlatl and a bow are just precursors to Skyco’s ultimate test, the husquenaugh, when Skyco is challenged to use his hard-earned skills to survive the harrowing, life-or-death ritual. Can Skyco pass the ultimate test and take his rightful place as heir?

A book of rousing adventure and historical relevance, The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest brings to life the world of the Algonquin tribe before the arrival of English explorers.

The Legend of Skyco [gives] great value to Chowanoke life before the coming of the English.
— Marvin T. Jones, founder of the Chowan Discovery Group

About Jennifer Frick-Ruppert

Dr. Jennifer Frick-Ruppert earned her Ph.D. in Zoology from Clemson University and holds the Dalton Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Brevard College in western North Carolina. Originally from South Carolina, she grew up with a love of nature and the outdoors. She teaches courses in environmental perspectives, biodiversity, biology, and natural history and was awarded the 2003-2004 Award for Exemplary Teaching at Brevard College. She is a frequent presenter for naturalist groups, including the Roan Mountain Naturalist Rally, NC Native Plant Society, and The Wilderness Society.