Amberjack Publishing is a women-led company that celebrates flawed characters and personal stories that connect readers to humanity, fostering empathy in a world that can be more thoughtful, more humane, and more beautiful. We are reopening acquisitions for the fall and would like to encourage agents to send us projects. Below is a list of projects we are actively seeking, and we appreciate your support in growing our vision. We are not open to projects outside the list.

Agent Submissions: Please email all materials with the word SUBMISSION in the Subject Line to Managing Editor Cassandra Farrin at

With all submissions, please include a query letter, comparative titles, sales history, and any previous publishers with whom the author has worked in the past. For fiction, we’d like to see the first three chapters and a synopsis. For nonfiction, we appreciate a proposal with 1–2 chapters.

A Note on Inclusivity: While we welcome stories by all authors, we strongly encourage stories by authors of color and other underrepresented backgrounds. We are more interested in personal stories than issue books. We’d love to see LGBTQ+ characters with their sexuality and/or gender already integrated into their lives, such as novels with characters already in committed relationships or genre fiction with a cast that reflects the diversity of the world around us. We are not looking for coming out stories.

In nonfiction, we are seeking:

  • Books that expand our current list—gender and sexuality, body positivity, memoir that taps into broader human experience, e.g. GIRL BONER by August McLaughlin, I AM YOURS by Reema Zaman, and BOOB JOB by Natalee Woods

  • Pop culture, political commentary, or memoir, e.g. EDUCATED by Tara Westover or HOW TO BE A BAWSE by Lilly Singh

  • Assertive but forgotten women in the arts, science, and math

In fiction, we are seeking:

  • A personal novel that tackles grief, e.g. Banana Yoshimoto’s MOSHI MOSHI, Garth Greenwell’s WHAT BELONGS TO YOU

  • Well-researched fairy tale retellings or a literary modern retelling of a classic, e.g. THE MERE WIFE by Maria Dahvana Headley

  • Interracial romance with uncommon ethnicity/gender combinations, e.g. Nicola Yoon books

  • Individuals in pursuit of dreams that cross traditional gender stereotypes

  • Contemporary stories with magic realism and fabulism, e.g. Han Kang’s HUMAN ACTS, Shaun David Hutchinson’s WE ARE THE ANTS, China Miéville’s THE CITY & THE CITY

  • Stories about the tawdry side of academia—think DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES meets ivory tower. Or this, but with publishing.

In Young Adult and Middle Grade, we are also seeking:

  • Stories for our STEM+™ Smart Books for Smart Kids series, fiction that features young scientists, young inventors, and young entrepreneurs

  • Women’s and girls’ sports, especially soccer

  • Teens and kids having to navigate in between communities, dealing with prejudices and “passing” for one identity or another, e.g. STARFISH by Akemi Dawn Bowman

  • Stories outside the classroom—e.g. homeschoolers, “third culture” kids, kids with disabilities, or families with alternative lifestyles. No heavily religious themes, please.

  • Graphic novel retellings by an author-illustrator with series potential

  • Unlikely heroines, e.g. HEROINE COMPLEX by Sarah Kuhn

  • Nerdy subcultures, e.g. WARCROSS by Marie Lu or FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

We look forward to reading your submissions. Thank you!

Author Queries: We are not open to author queries at this time. Unagented queries will be deleted unread. Please check this page for updates and future calls for submissions.