The Hanged Man and the Fortune Teller

By Lucy Banks

Memories haunt even the dead.

A dead man—nameless, all but formless, not quite here but unable to move on—fights his way back to who he was. What happened to him? And what happened to the love of his life? His memories retreat like the tide, tantalizingly close but always receding.

This anonymous ghost is harassed in the right direction by a fellow spirit, one of the few who remain—a circus fortune teller tethered to him by a tragic history of her own.

A haunting novel of the supernatural, The Hanged Man and the Fortune Teller is a testament to the longing that comes over us in our lonely moments, when we shiver and feel the presence of someone near us in the dark.

praise for Lucy Banks:

A supernatural landscape that mixes folklore, legend, and deadly reality . . . fantasy fans hungry for a new angle will enjoy this one.
— Publishers Weekly
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About Lucy Banks

Lucy Banks is the author of The Hanged Man and the Fortune Teller as well as the Dr Ribero’s Agency of the Supernatural series, including The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost, The Case of the Deadly Doppelgänger, and The Case of the Hidden Daemon. Growing up in a haunted house, she naturally developed a fascination with the strange, the curious, and the mysterious. She posts about writing craft and shares ghost stories from around Britain on her blog at