The Years After You book cover, purple background, words written in white-cover in progress

The Years After You

by Emma Woolf

Release Date: 9/10/2019

ISBN: 9781948705356 | eBook ISBN: 9781948705479

Love Hurts . . .

An affair. Wife, mistress, the man in the middle. Laugh it off only to lie awake worrying later. Is this really happening? When it implodes, what then?

The assistant didn’t mean to fall in love and become the other woman. The wife was just venturing her first steps into life beyond the roles of mother and partner when her suspicions about another woman took root.

When the well-respected man sinks deeper into mental illness, each person’s next move isn’t a question of blame alone, but of the ethics of love—of unapologetic decisions and confronting the aftermath.

A contemporary and spellbindingly believable take on an old theme . . . [Woolf] will have women everywhere debating the dilemmas of wives and mistresses, loyalty and betrayal.
— Daily mail
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About Emma Woolf

Emma Woolf is a best-selling author and media personality with a growing platform as a speaker on topics including mental health, eating disorders, body positivity, meditation and well-being. She currently lives in London. She is a vocal advocate for a woman’s right to hold her own autonomy, not to apologize for who she is or what kind of person society and media demand for her to be.

Sharing her great-aunt Virginia Woolf’s insightful understanding of human behavior and narrative creativity, Emma Woolf is an important new voice on the struggles of modern society and how we might find new, more holistic ways forward. “Like her, I’m interested in love and loss, families and relationships, and how we get through our days,” as Emma has said about the connection. “I try to write accurately and honestly about human life, about what matters.”