There you Are book cover, brown background, cover in progress

There You Are

By Mathea Morais

Release Date: 8/27/2019

ISBN: 9781948705585 | eBook ISBN: 9781948705592

A Love story pressed to vinyl

Octavian Munroe is haunted by the life and death of his older brother in one of the most racially segregated cities in the country. Mina Rose has never quite fit in and wishes she was anything but white. Once lovers, now estranged, they both left St. Louis for fresh starts in the wake of grief and heartbreak.

In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death and the awakening of the Black Lives Matter movement, Octavian and Mina travel homeward. The record shop where they fell in love as teenagers is closing for good, sparking a desire for closure of their own.

A raw, powerful story of love and loss, There You Are reckons with how fear shapes even the most fleeting collisions between friends, neighbors, and strangers.

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About Mathea Morais

Mathea Morais grew up in St. Louis and earned a degree in Literature from NYU. She began her career writing about hip hop culture and music for The Source and Trace Urban Magazine. Her work has gone on to appear in The New Engagement, Slush Pile Magazine, Arts & Ideas, and Anti-Heroin Chic. She is the Director of the Noepe Center for Literary Arts on Martha's Vineyard and has taught creative writing to children and young adults for over fifteen years. She lives with her husband, her three daughters, and a beloved dog.